Helios T&I offers high technology solutions in telecommunications.

Please find below the systems and products offered and that can be integrated:

  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio links

    Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio links

    Helios T&I provides microwave radio links point to point high-capacity IP networks and SDH transport, licensed bands from 4.5 Ghz architecture split mount and full indoor.

    In addition, Helios T & I has a complete portfolio of non-licensed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio solutions, allowing different scenarios to be covered according to the infrastructure and customer needs or terrestrial topology.

  • Mobile Satellite Communications

    Mobile Satellite Communications

    Helios T&I has a great variety of satellite solutions for telephony and data. We also offer services for the creation of personalized voice and data minutes packages for the client with online access to their call records, automated alarms and preventive blocks and automated reports; Some of our products are:

    • Mobile satellite phones.
    • Fixed satellite phones.
    • Maritime satellite phones.
    • Portable internet satellite phones.
    • Vehicular satellite internet.
    • M2M satellite Internet.
    • Maritime satellite internet.
    • Personal tracker.
    • Prepaid cards.
  • Instrument calibration service

    Instrument calibration service

    We offer services of maintenance, repair, training, engineering, consulting and calibration of measuring instruments for the goverment, companies, telecommunications companies, universities and technological institutions, accomplishing national and international standards.

  • Structured cabling

    Structured cabling

    We provide design, supply, installation, project management and maintenance of structured cabling system and networks. We have agreements with the main manufacturers, which include copper and fiber solutions.

    We install category 6, 6A, 7 and 7a UTP cable to guarantee a optimal functioning of the equipment and provide network with the transfer speed conditions that ours client needs.

  • Installation Accessories

    Installation Accessories

    We offer a wide variety of cables, accessories and elements that support the installations in the different areas of telecommunications.

    • RF cables and connectors.
    • Power cables.
    • Ironwork and accessories for towers.
    • Adapters.
    • Tools.
    • Accessories for track lights.
  • Special solutions

    Special solutions

    We have strong partners which allow us to offer products and services to support commercial, avionics, scientific and defense industries (Boeing, Northrop Grumman, U.S. Navy, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin). We offer maintenance, repair, reverse engineering and the supply of new assemblies and subassemblies for air, naval and ground systems. Our areas of expertise include radar systems, microwave, communications, fire control and power supplies.

  • Special communication systems for critical infrastructure (Mining, oil and gas, railways, tunnels, military)

    Special communication systems for critical infrastructure (Mining, oil and gas, railways, tunnels, military)

    Helios T&I, offers a number of solutions adapted to the high demands of industrial environments in all industries.

    The solutions offered are very varied and can be used in the following industries:

    • Oil and gas.
    • Mining.
    • Energy.
    • Defense.
    • Industry.

    Among the products offered are:

    • Special cables
    • Switches and routers for industrial use.
    • Wireless GPRS routers - Wi-fi.
    • Field controllers and data concentrators.
    • Control, computing and communications equipment for industrial environments.
    • Instrumentation and control cables.
  • Measuring equipment for optical systems, wireless, copper and more

    Measuring equipment for optical systems, wireless, copper and more

    Helios T&I, offers a wide range of measuring equipment for aviation, energy networks, telecommunications and security.

    We have the following products:

    • OTDRs.
    • Field gauge.
    • Electromagnetic spectrum gauge.
    • Energy quality measuring systems.
    • Network certifiers.
    • Thermal systems.
    • Others.

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