Helios T&I offers solutions in energy and automation.

Below are the systems and solutions that are offered and can be integrated:

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

    Helios T&I offers a wide range of solutions to increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of the cities. Helios T&I integrates multiple innovative solutions for the management and administration of cities which is based in business intelligence (BI) and data mining better decision-making by public bodies.

    In accordance with the above, the solutions we provide are:

    • Intelligent traffic systems (Improved mobility).
    • Command and control centers (Quick information reception for decision making).
    • Earth observation systems (Improve city planning).
    • Smart platforms for public services (Improvement the management of limited resources).
    • Communications solutions (improve interconnectivity)
    • Software development.
    • GIS Systems.
    • 911 emergency systems
    • Intelligent video surveillance systems.
  • Smart Public Services Platforms (AMR / AMI / Prepaid)

    Smart Public Services Platforms (AMR / AMI / Prepaid)

    Helios T & I offers a wide range of solutions for the automation of utility raw materials, such as energy, water and gas, which allows our customers to increase their network efficiency and reduce non-technical losses.

    The automation offered by our company is an integral solution that allows handling of the distribution network from monitoring centers for better management and administration.

    Currently, Helios T&I and its partners offer an innovative solution of unique prepaid systems that allows the provision of water, energy and gas service through a self-managed offline network.

    Advantages of the solution:

    • Self-managed system: automatic connection and reconnection.
    • Low cost solution.
    • It does not require communications network.
    • Low OPEX.
    • Easy to install.
    • Bidirectional communication for events and alarms management (Offline).
    • Easy and quick adaptation to the different information and management systems of the service providers.
    • Multiple applications such as controlled account, prepaid or vital minimum.

    Among the range of platforms and products we offer are:

    • Smart measuring devices of energy, water and gas.
    • Field controllers and data concentrators.
    • Control solutions for distribution of switches and reclosers.
    • Control, computing and communications equipment for industrial environments.
    • Industrial routers and switches.
    • Systems for network management centers.
    • Macro-gauge (measuring device).
    • Software development.
  • Multi-service systems with smart card technology

    Multi-service systems with smart card technology

    Helios T&I offers a multi-service platform to manage multiple services in cities, campuses or multiple locations through a single smart card.

    Using a single smart card can manage the following services:

    • Electronic wallet.
    • Public transport tickets.
    • Control and management of public services.
    • Casino and restaurant management.
    • Access control.
    • Loan and asset control (books, bicycles, etc.)
    • Parking lots control and management.
    • Complementary solutions with biometric systems.

    This type of systems can be installed in cloud computing systems or server, according to the needs of our clients.

  • Control and administration of assets

    Control and administration of assets

    Helios T&I provides solutions for the process of automation and control assets using RFID technology which enables better control and management, in order to increase operating efficiencies of your company.

    RFID solutions can be integrated into the TI systems currently used by customers.

    Solutions such as:

    • Passive and active tags.
    • Biometric access control card readers.
    • Portable readers.
    • Antennas.
    • Customized integration.
  • Monitoring and control rooms

    Monitoring and control rooms

    The design of monitoring and control rooms includes all important features, such as air conditioning, lighting, acoustics, furniture and flooring.

    These can be adapted to individual design needs for different types of industries such as:

    • ESP: Control rooms and management of public services.
    • Transportation: Traffic management rooms.
    • Security and defense: Command and control centers (C4I2).
    • Oil, gas and mining: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).
    • Broadcast: transmission of shows and live videos.
  • Smart buildings

    Smart buildings

    The implementation of automated technologies for smart buildings, requires an expertise and the knowledge of technologies with a total integration of all types of systems. Helios T&I offers complete solutions for buildings automation systems in which the following systems are integrated:

    • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems.
    • Lighting control.
    • Closed circuit television.
    • Access control.
    • Detection and extinction of fires.
    • Energy backup systems.
    • Water systems.
    • Telephony and loudspeaker systems.
    • Signaling systems.

    The systems installed by Helios T&I allow to create better comfort conditions, safety, energy saving and communication, with the aim of improving the productivity of your company. Centralized management is implemented to keep under control all critical building systems.

  • Tolls and parking lots

    Tolls and parking lots

    The automation of parking lots and tolls offers a unique control of the vehicles, integrating hardware and software platforms developed especially for this purpose.

    The advantages of having a fully automated system is that they allow the reduction of operating expenses, greater efficiency in the operation, greater security, entry and exit records that improve the protection and control of your facilities.

  • Protection and backup power (Energy)

    Protection and backup power (Energy)

    • Engine-generator (Power plants).
    • UPS (single-phase, two-phase, three-phase).
    • Regulators.
    • Power inverter.
    • Bateries.
    • DPS.
    • Network monitoring and protection.
  • Renewable energy systems

    Renewable energy systems

    The renewable energy systems offered by Helios T & I allow and guarantee the delivery of electrical energy to non-interconnected systems. Mainly designed and implemented solutions for remote sites.

    The systems can be used permanently or can be combined with other conventional energy systems, delivering the best solution according to the needs of our client.

    The following solutions and products are offered:

    • Solar panels.
    • Bateries.
    • Power inverter.
    • Wind turbines.
    • Drivers.
  • High and medium voltage

    High and medium voltage

    Helios T&I offers a wide range of products that adapt to the needs of customers offering new alternatives to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

    The products achieved national and international standards complying with the highest standards in terms of safety, quality, durability and performance, guaranteeing our customers the optimal solution to their needs.

    The strategic alliance with our suppliers guarantees permanent support and total support to our users.

    The portfolio of products and solutions includes:

    • Ironwork for transmission and distribution lines.
    • Automation systems.
    • Metal structure.
    • Emergency towers.
    • Aluminum cables.
    • Optical fibre wires.
    • Special cables.
    • Voltage and current transformers.
    • Isolators and lightning rods.
    • Specialized tools.

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