Helios T&I offers solutions in electronic security integrating multiple technologies for the protection and surveillance of people and physical infrastructure according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

We provide integrated solutions that can be recorded and monitored locally or remotely, increasing responsiveness and safety in case of an emergency. In addition multiple transmission media are combined in a single solution such as copper (coaxial, UTP), fiber optic or wireless technologies are offered.

Below are the systems that are offered and can be integrated:

  • Closed television circuits

    Closed television circuits

    Helios T&I integrates technological solutions for surveillance, identification and control through the use of video sensors. In addition to video systems, surveillance solutions are integrated into a single platform for multiple systems, in order to have critical information instantly for proper decision making.

    Based on the above, CCTV is offered with biometric analysis software, video analytics, business intelligence and probabilistic software that allows to offer unique solutions to the needs of our clients.

    CCTV solutions are offered for different sectors such as cities, mass transport systems, Petrochemical, Military Forces, among others.

    The subsystems that can be integrated are:

    • VMS (Video Management Systems).
    • IR and thermal night vision cameras.
    • Video analytics system.
    • Business intelligence.
    • Video recording and management platforms.
    • Processing and storage servers.
    • Display system.
  • Command and control centers

    Command and control centers

    Among the solutions offered by Helios T & I is the integration, operation and maintenance of command and control, communications, computing, intelligence and information (C4I2) that allows users to take immediate decisions with integrated secure information.

    In command and control centers, the following products and solutions are offered:

    • GIS software.
    • Signal analysis software.
    • Data centers.
    • Videowalls.
    • High availability of industrial monitors.
    • Video controllers and matrices.
    • Consoles.
    • Simulators.
    • Map tables.
  • Multichannel Surveillance and Monitoring Portable Systems

    Multichannel Surveillance and Monitoring Portable Systems

    Among the solutions offered by Helios T&I in portable surveillance systems, they can be used for multiple operations.

    Portable surveillance systems:

    • Cameras of multiple types and manufacturers such as: Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) and / or fixed.
    • IP or analog networks.
    • Night vision and / or termal .
    • Radar systems.
    • On-board recording solutions.
    • Remote video control.
    • Wireless communications.
    • Infrared illuminators.
    • LED flood lighting.
    • Alarm detection devices.
    • Unidirectional or bidirectional.
    • Mass Notification & Emergency Warning.
    • Many Quick Install ™ mounting options.
    • Heat recovery systems.
    • Air conditioner.
    • Cold / hot environmental insulation.
    • Solar panel.
  • Biometric systems

    Biometric systems

    Helios T&I provides platforms and systems that integrate biometrics and smarts cards to identify and recognize threats from people that may affect national security.

    The platforms can be integrated into government identification databases to be checked and avoid possible security and defense impacts.

    • Finger Vein Recognition Systems.
    • IRIS systems.
    • Facial recognition solutions.
    • Biometric engines.
    • Customizable Software.
  • Access control systems

    Access control systems

    Helios T&I integrates specialized engineering systems with smart cards to offer multiple services in the different entities that handle high traffic.

    • Biometric readers of fingerprints and iris
    • Voice and facial recognition systems.
    • Proximity cards (HID).
    • Special cars plate recognition cameras.
    • Magnetic induction sensors.
    • Specialized software for recognition of plates.
  • Perimeter protection and intrusion detection

    Perimeter protection and intrusion detection

    • IR and thermal systems.
    • Buried sensors.
    • Fiber optic sensors.
    • Electric field sensors.
    • Microwave sensors .
    • Sensor barriers.
    • Infrared illuminators.
    • Sensors for video motion detection or content analysis.
    • Volumetric sensors.
  • Detection and Inspection Systems (Metals, explosives, narcotics)

    Detection and Inspection Systems (Metals, explosives, narcotics)

    • Metal detectors.
    • Hand-Held ammunition detectors.
    • X-ray systems.
    • Non-Linear Junction Detector.
    • Explosives detection systems.
    • Walk-Through Metal Detectors.
  • Detection and extinction of fires

    Detection and extinction of fires

    Among the solutions offered by Helios T&I, fire detection and extinguishing systems, is the integration, operation and maintenance of Systems for the detection and extinction of fires in different scenarios:

    • Fire detection platforms configuration.
    • Fire extinguishing platforms configuration.
  • Anti-drone systems

    Anti-drone systems

    Helios T&I provides solutions with early warning and drone detection in order to be use in the following cases: Ability to identify authorized and unauthorized drones, neutralizing them for the monitoring and control of airspace.

    • Products (Portable - fixed).
    • Technology with military standards.
    • Integration complementation with security systems.
    • Detection capacity of 0 meters to 1000 meters or more.
    • Real-time alerts.
    • Probability of detection: 90% «Automatic rejection of false positives (Birds)»
    • Definition of virtual perimeters (intrusion zones).
    • Analysis of text messages, pagers or cell phones with direct reading in remote monitoring stations.

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