Helios T&I offers solutions in aeronautics integrating multiple technologies based on the expert knowledge offering specialized technological solutions according to the needs and requirements of our clients.

  • Signals intelligence operational platforms EW, ELINT, COMINT, SIGINT, IMINT

    Signals intelligence operational platforms EW, ELINT, COMINT, SIGINT, IMINT

    Helios T&I offers a solutions portfolio in simulators for the training of people in the use and management of related systems to the handling of data, their respective processing and analysis that allow the creation of products and services.

    We are able to offer training courses for personnel or in case it is required, the supply and start-up of laboratories and simulators according to the needs of the client.

    Among the solutions offered are simulators and training for:

    • Rotational and fixed wing with emphasis on aerial intelligence training.
    • Training of Drone pilots with an emphasis on aerial intelligence.
    • Operators of specialized on-board intelligence systems.
    • Radio direction-finding systems.
    • Radar systems.
    • EW and image intelligence systems.
  • Avionic Systems

    Avionic Systems

    Helios T&I offers integral solutions in avionics systems adapted to the needs of our clients, with world-renowned manufacturers and open architecture.

  • Airborne optoelectronic systems, synthetic aperture radar, lidar countermeasures

    Airborne optoelectronic systems, synthetic aperture radar, lidar countermeasures

    Helios T&I offers a portfolio of solutions to increase the capacity of the aircraft according to the different missions they develop, optimizing the coverage and scope thereof.

    • Aerial cameras and multisensors.
    • High resolution video cameras.
    • Synthetic aperture radars.
    • Photogrammetric optical sensors.
    • LIDAR sensors.
    • Optronic on-board surveillance systems.
  • Earth observation systems (photogrammetry, direction-finding, GIS systems)

    Earth observation systems (photogrammetry, direction-finding, GIS systems)

    Helios T & I offers a portfolio surveying solutions portfolio, 3D scanning and GIS analysis.

    • Remote photogrammetric sensing.
    • Stations for digital satellite and airborne data processing.
    • Systems integration channeling satellite imagery.
    • GIS systems.
    • Command and control centers.
    • Training in digital photogrammetric image processing and product creation.
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DRONES)

    Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DRONES)

    Helios T&I offers remotely manned aircraft systems (Drones) for multiple applications, with multiple autonomies, sensing and load capacity according to the specific needs of our customers.

    Among the many applications of drones, Helios T&I have:

    • Logistic drones for cargo delivery.
    • Drones for communications and signal Intelligence (COMINT, SIGINT).
    • Drones for aerial photography, 3D scanning, topographic surveys and earth observation (LIDAR, Optical, others).
    • Drones for citizen surveillance and security.
    • Drones for surveillance and defense.
    • Drones for humanitarian aid (Fire, Red Cross and Civil Defense).
    • Drones for critical infrastructure inspection (Oil pipelines).
    • Drones for agriculture inspection.
    • Drones for inspection of power transmission lines and substations.

    Among the multiple applications of cargo drones, Helios T&I have:

    Military forces
    • Precise delivery of supplies, food, weapons.
    • Supply of troops regardless of the terrain or environmental conditions.

    Special Forces
    • Silent insertion at night for delivery of supplies.

    Humanitarian agencies (Civil defense, fire brigade, red cross)
    • Delivery of supplies in all types of terrain and all types of weather conditions.
    • Delivery of humanitarian aid for land that is difficult to access.
    • Delivery of supplies for search and rescue work.

    Search and rescue agencies Commercial (Oil companies, exploration, research)
    • Quick delivery of supplies to areas inaccessible without the need of a landing track.
    • Savings on transportation costs.
  • Simulators and training

    Simulators and training

    Helios T&I offers simulation solutions portfolio for the training of people in the use and management of security and defense systems.

    We offer certified courses for staff training or, if required, the supply and start-up of simulations is offered at the client's premises.

    The solutions offered are simulators and training for:

    • Rotating and fixed wing pilots
    • Drone pilots.
    • Artillery and shooting.
    • Law enforcement.
    • Firefighters.
    • Mining.
    • Medicine.
    • Others.
  • Digital image processing

    Digital image processing

    Helios T & I offers a high range of products in digital processing of multispectral images for photogrammetric purposes to meet the needs in the different disciplines of the public and private sector.

  • Aircraft parts supply

    Aircraft parts supply

    Helios T&I has a wide portfolio of aeronautical parts for the different aircrafts that are operated in the national territory, like specialized tools for them such as laboratory and analytical equipment.

  • Ground support equipment  (GSE)

    Ground support equipment (GSE)

    Helios T&I provides specialized aerospace ground equipment support, such as Forklifts, trailers, ladders, power plants, tankers, and everything related to this kind ok equipment.

  • Fuel control solutions

    Fuel control solutions

    Helios T&I supplies everything related to the handling and storage of aviation fuel, parts, spare parts and accessories for the correct and safe operation. Innovative solutions in the control of remotely supervised inventories in real time.

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