• Consultancies


    Helios T&I has a group of professionals with a combined experience of over 20 years to offer reliable solutions in the sectors in which it participates.

    Based on this, Helios T&I offers consultancies and advisory services to the solutions to be acquired are appropriate to the specific needs of each client.

    The advantages of having the advice and support of a specialized company such as Helios T&I, is that you have the experience of working with the method Know How acquired and with knowledge of the latest technologies, in order to meet the objective of proposing the most appropriate solution to your need.

  • Logistics specialist

    Logistics specialist

    Helios T&I have a group of professionals with over 20 years of experience in providing reliable solutions in the sectors involved and knowledge of the latest technologies to meet the goal of proposing the most appropriate solution to your needs.

    Based on our experience and knowledge about regulations and permits for delivery, regulated cargo (ITAR, EAR) and care that must be concern for the the shipment of aircraft parts, intelligence equipment, optronic equipment restricted among others.

  • Training and practice

    Training and practice

    Our training and coaching programs will help your company's personnel to acquire the competitive advantages necessary to improve their know-how.

    We create individual training packages tailored to your company depending on your needs and topics of interest.

    Also in partnership with our national and international suppliers, there is some certification courses in multiple solutions that our company offers.

  • Development of hardware/software

    Development of hardware/software

    This service provides a detailed logical and technical design of hardware and software to ensure our customers a solution to their problems with integrating technologies.

    A detailed analysis of the client's technological infrastructure is performed to integrate natively with the solutions developed by Helios T&I.

    You can make integrations with Microsoft systems, SQL server, SAP, Oracle and more.

    Customized solutions are developed for applications with a software architecture that meet international standards, with principles of object-oriented programming, assembly language (to integrate electronic interfaces) and web that use common programming and design structures.

    In addition, scalable and customized electronic circuits are developed for integration between interfaces of different manufacturers, based on standard and proprietary protocols, which allow an integrated operational interface in centralized systems that meet the needs of your company.

  • Maintenance


    Helios T&I offers among its portfolio of services, maintenance contracts both preventive and corrective in order to offer solutions handle high levels of reliability over time.

    Preventive maintenance is designed to avoid unnecessary downtime of your company and ensure that you only worry about the "core" of your business. In addition to the preventive maintenance ensures a regular and planned review of equipment and costs are reduced, like labor and spare parts.

    The corrective maintenance offered by Helios T&I allows you to receive an immediate response in the event of any failure in the protected equipment. The advantages that you and your company obtain from this type of maintenance is that you are guaranteed priority answers with trained personnel equipped with specialized tools, so that the problem is solved in the shortest possible time.

    Helios T&I Helios T & I can offer preventive and corrective maintenance including spare parts or not.

    Our company offers maintenance contracts to:

    • Electronic security solutions.
    • Distribution networks.
    • Automation solutions.
    • Structured cabling networks.
    • Protection and backup energy systems.
    • Active equipment, servers and work stations.
    • Automation equipment.
  • Agent or representative

    Agent or representative

    Helios T&I with extensive knowledge of the Colombian market and the Andean Region offers the service of representing foreign companies to develop businesses in Colombia and the Andean Region.

    Helios T&I knows the main legal, cultural and economic barriers that international companies face in penetrating the Latin American market and makes this knowledge available for partners and clients to reduce risks and increase the success rate.

    This allows international companies to acquire a knowledge of the Latin American market faster, reducing the risks associated with internationalization of companies.

    Likewise, Helios T&I has a group of accounting, legal and administrative advisors that will support and facilitate the development of our strategic allies, increasing the possibilities of awarding new business. This support covers the main support areas such as accounting, tax, foreign trade, human talent, legal among others.

    Our knowledge allows to build strong bonds between the world and Colombia for the benefit of the parties involved.

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